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Titanium Airconditioning are global importers and distributors of TITANIUM products.We have built a solid reputation based on our reliability, expertise and the highest ethical standards. We are now one of South Africa’s WHOLESALE leaders in both business and home airconditioning units.
Available in : 
  9000 BTU     12000 BTU     24000 BTU
18000 BTU     30000 BTU     36000 BTU
A mid wall split unit is the most popular can be easily installed in even the smallest of spaces. It is most commonly used in homes and small businesses. Offering both heating and cooling functions. Mid Wall units are designed to be very quiet. These units come in various sizes and models like White finish (mod look) Flat panels, Health Plasma - mirror finish which carries more features and finally DC inverter which is top of the range (Reduces Electricity usage by 50%. 

  • Airflow 4500 M3/h   
  • Motor type  Axial

  • Power 0.18kw
  • Voltage/Frequency  220 V /50HZ
Have you ever wondered why you feel cool by the sea? This is because the hot air that is blown over water, causes some of the water to evaporate  and absorbs the heat. An evaporative air cooler works on the same principle.

  • Water tank 40 liter
  • Water consumption 2-3 liter /hour
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